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AHA BREAK app game rules

1. UAB "Daisena", company code 134809846, address: Sandraugos st. 23, LT-52102, Kaunas, (hereinafter - the Organizer) organizes the game "AHA BREAK app" (hereinafter - the Game).

2. Participants can register to participate in the Game online from 2024 January 8  until 2024 December 31 unless otherwise specified in the supplement to the Game Rules. Participation in the Game is possible by filling out the registration form, which allows users of the AHA BREAK app to collect at least 15 different AHA pet cards (which can be found in AHA corn stick packs) or to collect a certain amount of points in the corn catching game, which is placed in the AHA BREAK app.

3. When registering for the Game, the Game Participant must provide his unique code (which he will receive after fulfilling all the conditions required in the Game) and the personal data specified in the registration form (name, surname, e-mail, etc.), as they are necessary for the organization and execution of the Game, For announcement of game results and winners. Without providing the personal data or unique code specified in the registration form, the Game Participant will not be able to be identified by the Organizer and will not be able to participate in the Game and will not be able to win Game prizes.

4. The age of the participants is not limited. When a minor participates in the Game, he must inform his parents (adoptive parents, guardians) about his participation and familiarize them with the rules of the Game and obtain their consent to participate in the Game.

5. By submitting the requested personal data, the Game Participant confirms that he is informed and agrees that his personal data (name, surname, e-mail address) will be processed by the Organizer as a data controller for the purpose of organizing and executing the Game during the execution of the Game. Also, the Game Participant confirms that the data related to the registration of the Participant in the Game (such as name, surname) may be made, in the AHA BREAK app and in the profiles of social networks belonging to the AHA brand. The data specified during registration are stored for as long as the Game continues and for 3 months after the announcement of all Game prize winners. Personalized Game Participant information such as name/nickname, number of points can be used and stored indefinitely. The participant of the game grants the Organizer the right not to indicate the name or surname of the winner when announcing the winners.


6. You can participate in the AHA BREAK app game and share information about it until 2024. December 31 unless the rules state otherwise.


7. To participate in the Game, users of the AHA BREAK App can collect at least 15 different AHA Pet Cards (which can be found in AHA Corn Sticks packs) or collect at least 100 points in the corn catch game that is placed in the AHA BREAK App.


8. A total of 6 winners will be chosen every month, who will be chosen randomly from all those who have fulfilled the conditions specified in point 7 and filled out the registration form on the


a. Each month, 3 winners will be chosen from all those who have collected at least 15 different AHA pet cards, who will receive AHA product sets and gifts from partners:

  • 370-01000 AHA cocoa shells, 400g; -1 pc

  • 079-05000 Chocolate egg AHA ZOO, 20G; - 6 units

  • 440-00060 AHA sweet corn sticks, 110g; -1 pc

  • 440-00072 AHA vanilla-flavored glazed corn sticks, 250g; - 1 pc

  • 046-00707 AHA non-carbonated_strawberry_330ml; - 2 pcs

  • 046-00708 AHA non-carbonated_mango_330ml; -2 pcs

  • 037-00431 AHA carrot, banana, apple nectar 52%, 0.3l; -1 pc

  • 037-00433 AHA carrot, strawberry nectar 52%, 0.3l. -1 pc.

  • Partner gift (discount code, coupon, book, game, etc.)


9. Winners are selected by the Organizer's commission, randomly and announced on AHA social networks website once a week.  One participant can win no more than three times during the entire period of the Game until 2024. December 31


10. Game prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or other items.


11. The Organizer will contact the winners of the Game personally and agree on the conditions for receiving the prize.


12. Game participants who have won the Game and wish to have the Game prize delivered will have to provide their address to the Organizer for the purpose of delivery of the Game prize. In the event that the Participant does not agree to provide his address, he will have to collect the prize from the Organizer himself at the Organizer's address.


13. If the prize winner does not respond or react to the received information about the conditions for claiming the prize within 10 working days after the announcement of the win, the winner loses the right to the prize, and the prize remains the property of the Game organizer.


14. All Game participants, by participating in the Game, agree that in case of winning, their names as Game winners will be published on and AHA social network profiles.


15. Game participants have the right until 2025. January 30 to file complaints about Game progress. Complaints can be submitted to the Organizer in writing, at the address Sandraugos st. 23, LT-52119 Kaunas and e-mail email


16. All submitted complaints will be examined and answers will be provided to Game participants within 30 calendar days, counting from the date of receipt of the written complaint.


17. The organizer is not responsible for internet connection disturbances. In the event of technical problems that hinder the execution of the organized Game, the Organizer makes all possible efforts to eliminate them as soon as possible.


18. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules of the Game during the Game. In the event of non-compliance with the Game Rules in press publications, other informational or online websites, the the Game rules are published on the website, AHA BREAK app and AHA brand social networks.


19. The organizer has the right to unilaterally terminate the execution of the Game due to violations caused by force majeure, by immediately announcing this on the


20. Additional and detailed information about the Game is provided by e-mail. by or by private messages on the AHA Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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