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AHA is excited to unveil two new additions to the beloved corn stick selection!

AHA is excited to unveil two new additions to the beloved corn stick selection:
🌽 AHA Sweet Glazed Corn Puffs;
🍋 AHA Sweet and Sour Corn Puffs;
In developing these products, we have chosen larger corn sticks and different flavours compared to those that have been in the market for many years. We are proud that both products are made in Lithuania and we can offer AHA consumers an even wider choice!
Thanks to our long-standing acquaintance with snack enthusiasts, we have a great understanding of consumer preferences. We’re confident that our latest AHA corn sticks will impress everyone! 💛


Kukuruzu lazdeliu asortimento naujienos

AHA corn sticks have been revamped!

Introducing the updated AHA corn stick packaging. Now, inside you'll either find 2 CARDS featuring animals OR 1 animal FIGURINE. 🐄🦒🐘

The AHA corn stick range includes:

1. Sweet corn sticks;
2. Caramelized milk flavoured corn sticks;
3. Condensed milk flavoured corn sticks;
4. Corn sticks with reduced sugar.

Moreover, they make the perfect snack for parties, picnics, or a sweet break!


Nektaru asortimento naujiena

Introducing our new line of AHA nectars

Introducing our new line of AHA nectars, designed to not just refresh but also replenish the daily diet with essential nutrients. Boasting 52% of real fruits and vegetables, these nectars come in truly delightful flavours. They are rich in Vitamin C and a fantastic source of fibre. ✅

Expand your product line with AHA's revitalised nectars and offer your customers an amazing beverage choice.


Sokoladiniai kiausiniai asoritmento naujiena

Refreshed AHA Chocolate Eggs

We are thrilled to introduce the refreshed AHA Chocolate Eggs, featuring our brand-new logo.

As we steer this exciting change, our emphasis on exceptional quality and delightful surprises remains undiminished. AHA Chocolate Eggs are gluten-free and palm oil-free, meticulously crafted in Italy, and each egg conceals a fun toy. 🎁

With an updated brand, there’s even more news and surprises to come from AHA. Stay tuned!


Gerimu asortimento naujienos

AHA strawberry news.

We're adding a burst of strawberry to our non-carbonated drinks range! 🍓

Introducing our refreshing new addition: a strawberry flavoured drink, infused with fruit juices and with less than 5% sugar.

This tasty delight is also fortified with vitamins, providing not just a flavourful, but also a nourishing beverage and salt-free!

We're committed to offering a greater variety of drink alternatives and will continue to supplement our collection.


Kukuruzu asortimento naujienos

AHA's latest innovation - our glazed vanilla corn sticks!

Delighted to announce AHA's latest innovation - our glazed vanilla corn sticks! Created with a touch of nostalgia, this new product showcases our commitment to delivering distinct and memorable taste experiences. 🦁 💛

Produced in Lithuania, these crispy corn sticks speak to our dedication towards supporting local industries and maintaining high-quality production standards. They are gluten-free, aligning with the growing consumer trend towards conscious consumption. Most importantly, these corn sticks are devoid of any GMO additives, reinforcing our pledge to natural, responsible sourcing.

We invite you to discover the potential of these unique products. As a delectable snack offering, they are not just an addition to our product line but also a representation of the diverse palate
preferences of today's consumers.


Sulciu asortimento naujiena

AHA juice news.

As is tradition, the newest AHA drinks were created with the most delicious taste and the least amount of sugar in mind – thus continuing the AHA drinks lineup with less sugar❗

We‘re delighted to introduce the newest members of the AHA products line – all-new juice drinks for kids in all-new packaging and flavours! 200 ml packages filled with delicious drinks will bring joy to every AHA fan!

These aren‘t the only changes – we have also renewed our logo while a talented graphics designer has redrawn everyone‘s favourite AHA lion 🦁

Three classic flavours have been added to the AHA drinks lineup: fruit mix, apple, and orange – find out which one‘s your favourite! 🤗


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