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Indulge in the delicious AHA moment!

Try it out for yourself because you'll be craving for it!

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AHA, the go-to brand for both kids and the generation with a soft spot for the 2000s era, brings you an irresistible range of beverages and snacks. The AHA product line is designed for those special moments when you want to create a little break for yourself and your loved ones. Let's say it again – AHA!

What is AHA?

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AHA lion superhero!

Every child wants to be as brave, smart, and active as a lion

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20 years






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AHA Mission

Dedicated to crafting top-notch, mouth-watering products infused with educational content. With our iconic AHA lion leading the way, we inspire children and parents alike to discover these delectable breaks that they'll keep coming back for.

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AHA products

We are thrilled to introduce the revamped AHA concept, featuring an entirely refreshed product range for the little ones and exciting news for parents. Our brand started 20 years ago with cereal breakfast and chocolate egg categories, and today, we are reintroducing ourselves, armed an array of new products that cater to our dedicated customers and fellow snack enthusiasts. While these changes unfold, our core focus remains on delivering excellence in quality, offering a diverse selection, taste, and valuable education. There will be plenty of exciting updates, catering not only to kids but also to adults!

Where to buy?

You can find AHA products in many stores across Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

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AHA news

Here you will find all our news and our activities on social networks. Follow us and enjoy AHA breaks together. 

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Daisena UAB

Sandraugos st. 23, LT-52102 Kaunas

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