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Daisena UAB

Sandraugos st. 23, LT-52102 Kaunas

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Perfect for snacking!

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Did you know?

That AHA drinks and snacks are perfect for snacking and to refresh yourself at a party, picnic or just on the go.

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About us

AHA – a line of snacks and beverage products that resonates with both kids and the generation nostalgic for the 2000s. The AHA product range is the ideal choice for those moments when you seek to create a small, delightful break for yourself and your dear ones!

The brand, created 20 years ago, is making a fresh entrance into the market, delivering a new message and new products for our loyal customers and snack enthusiasts. We are thrilled to introduce the revamped AHA concept, featuring an entirely refreshed product range for the little ones and exciting news for parents.

Delicious snacks


Dedicated to crafting top-notch, mouth-watering products infused with educational content. With our iconic AHA lion leading the way, we inspire children and parents alike to discover these delectable breaks that they'll keep coming back for.


We are dedicated to creating delicious beverages and snacks, complemented by educational content, to seamlessly integrate into the daily routines and lifestyles of active families.

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